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I want to thank you very much for your assistance in setting up AvantFAX and integrating it with HylaFAX for us. Everyone here seems to be quite taken with the novelty of being able to fax via their web browser. It was a pleasure to work with you and I consider your fee to be money very well spent indeed.

James B. Canada

I have installed it on Solaris Sparc with OCR support and everything works pretty fine. I have installed versions: 3.1.1 and 3.1.2 and both work fine without any issue. Thanks for this great software.

Roudy V. USA

this is an excellent product. i thank you so much for making it and making it publically available. we used to have our own franken-app in php that we put together 4 years ago. our system blew up with no backup (i know) and i put together the hylafax server with avantfax in less than 24 hours with over 200 DID's that have direct to e-mail faxing being using in production. aside from this small issue, no other issues. your app has saved us so much work.

...this app is such a big hole that hylafax needed for years.

askcharlie USA

thanks 2 you, we received a very positive feedback from the installation of the avantfax web interface, mostly to ease the management of fax received, before this all fax received rerouting to email server, for your information we have installed more than 50 clients using hylafax software since 2003, but now we are proposing most of our client to use the web management interface.

Hafiz M. Malaysia

First i want to thank you for making a very nice frontend for Hylafax, I have setup a test box on Debian and everything is working well.

Andreas W. Sweden

First of all thanks for offering the great product avantfax as open source. I just installed version 2.1.1 for our company and found it to be near perfect for our needs.

In return, I'd be glad to contribute to the project a little bit. First of all is a translation file into Simplified Chinese...

Hong Y. China

Thanks for the great program! I have made a translation file for the Dutch language.

Koos van M. The Netherlands