Document Management

Every fax that is sent and received has a Fax Identication (FaxID) number. AvantFAX's Archive is designed not only to allow the user to categorize and add descriptions to faxes but also to permit external applications to access faxes by their FaxID.

How can my company benefit from this? Many companies have already have a system for tracking client proposals and confirmed orders. However, instead of having multiple copies of the same fax on different systems, each fax can be referenced by its FaxID from one single location. Also, AvantFAX's Archive interface allows the user to search for single or multiple faxes by company name, date, category, and by keywords in the fax's notes.

Let's say that a customer has confirmed an order by fax. The user simply processes the order, adds the order number and other information in a note, and assigns a category to that fax. AvantFAX keeps track of the user and the date of the last modification to each fax's note and category. In the future, that fax will be easily located by performing a search in the archive.