What is AvantFAX?

AvantFAX Screenshot

AvantFAX® is a web application for managing faxes on HylaFAX™ fax servers.

AvantFAX allows users on any platform to view and send faxes without having to install special software. It also allows administrators to manage users, their permissions, fax lines, fax categories, etc.

AvantFAX can be accessed from the local network and remotely via Internet using standard networking equipment.

Why should my company/organization be interested?

AvantFAX is open source and is released under the GNU General Public License just like Linux and HylaFAX.

If you've answered yes, AvantFAX is definitely what you're looking for. Also, commercial support and custom installations are available.



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AvantFAX® is a registered trademark of iFAX Solutions, Inc.
HylaFAX™ a trademark of Silicon Graphics, Inc.