AvantFAX http://www.avantfax.com/ en-us Fri, 25 May 2018 23:11:24 -0400 AvantFAX 3.3.5 Released Tue, 12 Jan 2016 13:02:49 GMT - Update Archive and System Logs pages to correctly show list of years to range in the archive (start date and end date) http://www.avantfax.com/ AvantFAX 3.3.4 Released Thu, 03 Sep 2015 11:03:57 GMT - rh-install.sh, sles-install.sh - update scripts to add PHP sizelimit settings in Apache VirtualHost file - includes/langs/pt-PT.php - fix quotation mark problem - includes/langs/si.php - Add Slovenian language by Jernej Praprotnik and Aleksandra Zupanc - includes/FaxPDFArchive.php - fix search_archive method to check for page limit - includes/FormRules.php - Update FormRules email address regex - admin/users.php - Fix updating TSID for users - admin/index.php, index.php, AFUserAccount.php - Remove login_webauth method http://www.avantfax.com/ AvantFAX 3.3.3 Released Fri, 17 Sep 2010 11:39:07 GMT - includes/avantfaxcron.php - bug fixed to remove temporary files by modification time rather than access time - includes/langs/pt-PT.php - Portuguese language added by Carlos Monteiro - includes/faxcover.php - Fix sender's name lookup http://www.avantfax.com/ AvantFAX 3.3.2 released Thu, 08 Jul 2010 16:58:47 GMT AvantFAX 3.3.2 - includes/config.php - remove variable for path to 'expect' - includes/templates/main_theme/templates/inbox.tpl - Multiple select delete fax image no longer displayed for users that can't delete faxes - includes/functions.php, includes/config.php - fixed problem in pdf_preview() with PDFs that weren't converting into thumbnail images properly by adding pnmquant to the pipeline - includes/MDBOData.php - magic methods changed from private to public - includes/PAMAuth.php, includes/PWAuth.php - PAMAuth uses PHP's built-in pam_auth library - PWAuth uses the pwauth utility - includes/classes.php - FIX: added is_admin to UserAccount class - updated various files to use explode() instead of split() since split() is deprecated in PHP 5.3 - includes/notify.php - When user lookup fails for the email address that sent the job, the user's email address will be used instead of sending the email to the fax server admin - txreport.php - Bug fixed to show reports for faxes viewable by the user - admin/system_logs.php - fix date format for search results http://www.avantfax.com/ AvantFAX 3.3.1 released Thu, 08 Apr 2010 16:57:37 GMT AvantFAX 3.3.1 - viewfax.php - Bug fixed: navigating to the Next or Previous fax didn't work properly for accounts with limited access on a few individual fax lines. The next/previous button simply took the user to the next available faxid in the system-wide Inbox, which may not always be visible to that user and in this case, causing the user to return to the Inbox because permission was denied for the requested faxid - inbox.php, viewfax.php, ajax/ajaxinbox.php, includes/functions.php, includes/FaxPDFArchive.php - Now faxes that are in the Inbox that have been categorized will not show up in user inboxes where they do not have permission to view that fax category - includes/FaxPDFArchive.php - Method search_archive() fixed to not show other user's sent faxes as received faxes when superusers view the Archive for "only received faxes" - js/dialog.js - Function dialogFaxAlter updated to accept the name of the owner of the fax job - includes/templates/main_theme/templates/outbox.tpl - updated to send the name of the owner of the fax job to dialogFaxAlter - includes/templates/main_theme/templates/faxalter.tpl - added owner input to the form to keep track of owner of the fax - ajax/faxalter.php - updated to support tracking the owner of the fax - includes/FaxQueue.php - methods killjob and faxalter updated to use the name of the owner of the fax in order to kill and alter fax jobs - no longer requires 'expect' and a HylaFAX admin account for AvantFAX - rh-install.sh, debian-install.sh, sles-install.sh, avantfax.spec - remove install requirement for expect - Symlink to faxcover no longer needed, use "CoverCmd: $INSTDIR/includes/faxcover.php" in /etc/hylafax/sendfax.conf instead - includes/local_config-example.php, includes/config.php - removed $FAXRMPWD as it is no longer needed http://www.avantfax.com/ AvantFAX 3.3.0 released Thu, 01 Apr 2010 13:21:46 GMT AvantFAX 3.3.0 *NEW* - Alternate authentication support via Apache Authentication (htaccess, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Kerberos, LDAP/Active Directory, PAM, Smart Card) - the users' account must still be created in AvantFAX, but authentication can take place using a apache - Alternate authentication support via custom authentication class (see example PAMAuth.php file) - Users enter their account information into the AvantFAX login form like normal - the users' account must still be created in AvantFAX, but authentication can take place using alternate method - Inbox supports selecting multiple faxes to either Archive or Delete at once - Paging support for both Inbox and Archive pages - db-update-330.sql - Added user setting for desired number of faxes to show per page in the Inbox and Archive - avantfax.spec - more tweaking - includes/functions.php - Check added for mkdirs function - includes/config.php, includes/local_config-example.php - update URL to white pages reverse lookup - admin/index.php, index.php - update page to use Apache authentication if provided - includes/langs/*.php - added new line for apache authentication error - includes/AFUserAccount.php - added method for apache-based login - added method for custom alternate authentication - includes/FaxPDFArchive.php - added support for paging results - includes/PAMAuth.php - example PAM authentication class using 'pwauth' to authenticate users via the UNIX passwords file or PAM - rh-install.php - fixed path for symlinking faxcover.php - js/avantfax.js - added function selectAllFaxes() for selecting all faxes in Inbox - js/dialog.js - added functions to support archiving and deleting multiple faxes via AJAX - dialog windows are draggable - ajax/ajaxarchivefax.php, ajax/ajaxdeletefaxes.php - added AJAX back-ends to support archiving and deleting multiple faxes - includes/templates/main_theme/templates/archive.tpl - updated to add paging support - includes/templates/main_theme/templates/inbox.tpl - updated to add paging support - updated to add multifax select support - includes/templates/main_theme/templates/header.tpl - all User pages show the number of faxes in the Inbox - includes/templates/main_theme/templates/ajaxdeletefaxes.tpl - added file for confirming multiple delete of faxes - includes/classes.php - UserAccount: Added user setting for desired number of faxes to show per page in the Inbox and Archive http://www.avantfax.com/ AvantFAX 3.2.2 released Tue, 02 Mar 2010 13:12:32 GMT AvantFAX 3.2.2 - admin/admin.php - fix HylaFAX version lookup for EE users - rh-install.sh, rh-uninstall.sh - improved scripts - avantfax.spec - greatly improved RPM script for installing, upgrading, and uninstalling http://www.avantfax.com/ AvantFAX 3.2.1 released Thu, 25 Feb 2010 17:03:51 GMT AvantFAX 3.2.1 - includes/langs/*.php - update language files with missing strings - includes/functions.php - add debug logging for annotate_fax function http://www.avantfax.com/ AvantFAX 3.2.0 released Thu, 18 Feb 2010 13:15:33 GMT AvantFAX 3.2.0 *NEW* - Multiple cover page support - Email support for CC and BCC addresses - Improved HTML cover support (support is enabled automatically if html2ps is installed) - db-update-320.sql - Added new Covers table for managing multiple cover pages - includes/local_config-example.php, includes/config.php - added FAXRCVD_INCLUDE_PDF option whether to include the PDF in the email or not - setup-postfix.sh - Fix configuration problem with Postfix when using setup-postfix.sh for configuring Email to FAX - includes/functions.php - Fix for removing the slash near the parenthesis in fax cover page comments - added html entity decoding for email subjects and from addresses - Added support for stripping SIP information from fax numbers, via strip_sipinfo function - includes/Mailer.php - added html entity decoding for the text body - includes/notify.php - add support for job status information in qFiles - race condition fix reported by Paolo Basenghi - includes/faxrcvd.php - added support for $FAXRCVD_INCLUDE_PDF - includes/dynconf.php - added support for stripping SIP info from caller id, if there, in order to reveil only the fax number - includes/avantfaxcron.php - fixed a problem when calculating the date - setup-postfix.sh - added support for installing postfix on CentOS, SuSE and Debian - improved postfix configuration support - includes/langs/ar.php - Arabic language support added by Walid Aweiwi - includes/langs/rs.php - Serbian language support added by Danijel Getejanc - includes/langs/ja.php - Japanese language support added by Nobuyuki Ogahara - rh-install.sh - updated to find hyla.conf file for HylaFAX 6.0. - sendfax.php, refax.php - support added to allow users to fax from any modem if they have that permission set, even if they're not able to view any modem. - when selecting a modem, add the "localhost" part to the -h option in order to avoid the HylaFAX Assert() bug - css/sendfax.css - added file for customizing the sendfax and refax pages - Added admin/conf_covers_edit.php, conf_covers_edit.tpl, admin/conf_covers.php, conf_covers.tpl, includes/Covers.php - Multiple cover page support contributed by Barry Michels - emailcontacts.php, email.php - CC and BCC support when emailing fax files contributed by Maxxer - includes/FileUpload.php - check for mime types that have spaces in them and remove the irrelevant data - includes/Smarty - library upgraded to version 2.6.26 - includes/faxcover.php - updated to support changes in HylaFAX 6.0/HylaFAX EE 4.1 faxcover arguments - tools/import_archive.php - new import script for importing an AvantFAX archive directory into an empty AvantFAX database - development sponsored by Harte & Lyne Limited, Canada http://www.avantfax.com/ AvantFAX 3.1.6 released Fri, 09 Jan 2009 13:53:45 GMT AvantFAX 3.1.6 - db-update-316.sql - increased the amount of modem and DID groups, and fax categories assignable to each user - includes/faxrcvd.php - archive support for Fax2Email even if the fax is only printed. Previously, faxes would only archive if emailed. - includes/FaxQueue.php - improved fax queue parsing to ignore modems not used by AvantFAX - fixed problem with process_failed_queue() - Upgrade script.aculo.us libs to 1.8.2 - Upgrade Smarty libs to 2.6.22 - sendfax.php, refax.php, ajax/faxalter.php - Changed the fax scheduled delivery feature from NOW+X to use a specific Hour and Minute, ie: send fax at 14:00 - faxcontacts.php, ajax/faxalter.php - fixed bug - outbox.php - shows fax job's status and time to send (TTS) - upgrade-from-2.3.sh - added additional check for /faxes and /tmp directory permissions - includes/config.php - Removed requirement for FileInfo and mime_content_type if not available, built-in mime_by_suffix function will be used http://www.avantfax.com/ AvantFAX 3.1.5 released Mon, 24 Nov 2008 16:24:16 GMT - db-update-315.sql - database update to support 5 character length Language codes (ie: zh-tw) - includes/notify.php - attached PDF is named with the fax number rather than simply fax.pdf - includes/lang/bg.php - updated Bulgarian translation provided by Chavdar Shtilianov - tools/reroute.php - script added for changing Modem and DID-based inbound fax routing (useful when used with cron) - debian-install.sh, sles-install.sh, rh-install.sh - small fix - includes/DIDRouting.php, includes/FaxModem.php - bug fixed in set_* methods http://www.avantfax.com/ AvantFAX 3.1.3 released Sat, 16 Aug 2008 8:37:29 GMT - outbox.php - fix to allow users to kill faxes with an ID greater than 4 digits - outbox.php, js/faxcontacts.js - when altering a job destination, the semicolon is no longer added with the fax number - archive.php - set default search results to "*" for both sent and received faxes - added FaxID to last column in Archive results - sendfax.php, refax.php, functions.php - Add the ability to specify to receive notifications on fax requeue - added $SENDFAX_REQUEUE_EMAIL to local_config-example.php - improved "Options" DIV to resemble a button - viewfax.php, viewfax.tpl - Added date - rh-install.php - greatly improved script - rh-uninstall.php - added uninstallation script - code maintenance to confirm to Zend coding standards http://www.avantfax.com/ AvantFAX 3.1.2 released Thu, 19 Jun 2008 12:58:39 GMT AvantFAX 3.1.2 - upgrade.sh - last line fixed to properly show output - includes/functions.php - faxinfo function fixed to allow '0' value Sender - rh-install.sh, sles-install.sh, debian-install.sh - updated permissions for fax archive during installation - italian and russian translations updated - includes/FaxPDFArchive.php, email.php, pdf.php, refax.php, rotate.php, viewfax.php, ajax/archivefax.php, ajax/delete.php, ajax/set_note.php - user_has_rights bug fix to properly allow access to faxes http://www.avantfax.com/ AvantFAX 3.1.1 re-released Mon, 26 May 2008 10:37:14 GMT Bug fixed in faxrcvd that affects Modem based email routing. http://www.avantfax.com/ AvantFAX 3.1.1 released Fri, 23 May 2008 19:14:37 GMT AvantFAX 3.1.1 *NEW* - Barcode-based routing support - Added printing support by DID Group, Modem and Company - added db-update-311.sql - images/coverpage.html - added CSS for improved customizability - local_config-example.php, archive.tpl - Added $ARCHIVE_WIDE setting for users with screen small resolutions - improved local_config.php layout - added $FOCUS_ON_NEW_FAX_POPUP for alert window when a new fax is received - rh-install.sh, sles-install.sh, debian-install.sh - bugs fixed and scripts improved - index.tpl, pwdexpired.tpl, css/ie6.css, css/ie7.css - Removed orange strip from top and bottom in CSS for IE - includes/FaxPDFCategory.php - fix for listing categories for Superusers when there is only 1 category - updated several template files to increase text area sizes - includes/faxrcvd.php - HylaFAX's faxid is used instead of the timestamp of received faxes in the path to faxes in the AvantFAX Archive - Improved logic - js/avantfax.js - performInboxCheck fix to take focus only when fax count is greater than current Inbox count http://www.avantfax.com/ AvantFAX 3.1.0 released Sun, 13 Apr 2008 8:05:27 GMT *NEW* - The ability to resubmit failed faxes that are still in the HylaFAX doneq - HTML based cover page (requires html2ps, more details in local_config-example.php) - Added support for annotating PDFs with the FaxID - Added support for using custom Cascading Style Sheets (and saving them) - Added support to use HylaFAX's tiff2ps script instead of AvantFAX's tiff2ps functionality - Debian installation script (Experimental: testing and recommendations appreciated) http://www.avantfax.com/ AvantFAX 3.0.9 released Sun, 02 Mar 2008 7:52:43 GMT - rh-install.sh, sles-install.sh - added rsync to installation requirements (in order for upgrade script to work) - includes/faxrcvd.php - fix attach thumbnail to email - includes/ArchiveOut.php - fix the assignment of the fax id - sendfax.php, refax.php - added minutes option for sending delayed faxes - includes/dynconf.php - added extra control for empty CallID - inbox.php - bug fix to show correct DID Group http://www.avantfax.com/ AvantFAX 3.0.8 released Thu, 28 Feb 2008 11:02:21 GMT AvantFAX 3.0.8 - includes/AFAddressBook.php - bug fixed on line 482 - js/dialog.js - fix archive fax from viewfax page - admin outbox.tpl - removed outbox of the Admin area - archive.tpl - images now display whether a fax was sent or received - includes/FaxPDFArchive.php - fix view only sent or only received faxes for Superuser - includes/local_config.php, config.php - added $USE_CallerIDval for improved Caller ID handling - js/xhrobject.js - fix for Firefox - includes/FaxModem.php - fix create modem with contact email - includes/avantfaxcron.php - new option (-d num-days) for delete faxes in the Archive after specified number of days - sendfax.php, refax.php - fix faxing files with filenames that start with 0 - tools/import_blacklist.php - script added for importing your RejectCall blacklist - admin area - added some online documentation http://www.avantfax.com/ AvantFAX 3.0.7 released Thu, 21 Feb 2008 16:22:10 GMT AvantFAX 3.0.7 *NEW* - DynamicConfig/RejectCall support for Blacklisting fax numbers - Improved user interface for adding notes, archiving, and deleting faxes - Support for modifying TSI and scheduling when sending faxes - Improved fax queue management - Improved processing of large faxes http://www.avantfax.com/